Nipigon Writing System

I recently invented my own "Hiragana" writing system. I noticed that I make writing mistakes during late night studying, noted it and developed these characters. I call it the Nipigon writing system. 

This is just to demonstrate my interest in Japanese writing system. I also read Arabic and Devanagari. Please don't take it too seriously :)

I added the old Katakana ヰ (wi) and ヱ(we) ,which are not used anymore as a comparison. Wi and we are the Katakana opponents to ゐ and ゑ. I was not able to find the reading of ヷ, ヸ, ヹ and ヺ.

According to wikipedia and a few other sources, there's also か゚=カ゚ (nga), き゚=キ゚(ngi), く゚=ク゚ (ngu), け゚=ケ゚ (nge), こ゚=コ゚(ngo) and セ゚ (ce), ツ゚ (tu), ト゚(to) and ㇷ゚ (p).  セ゚,  ツ゚, ト゚ and ㇷ゚ are (were?) used for the Ainu language.



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