Photoshoot: Benny

These are images from a photoshoot with Benny. We wanted to create images that match his character well and therefore decided to make a Street Style/Portrait photoshoot. Benny is currently working between Germany and Japan and is the co-founder of DoKomi, Germany’s largest Japan expo.

All images are taken in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

Why I love Shooting Film In Singapore

Why Singapore is a treat for your film camera:

#1 Singapore’s weather doesn’t change a lot during the day. It’s uber easy to prepare for and shoot street photography. You can almost always use ISO 100 film which means clear, non-crumbled images.

#2 The sun goes up and down almost the same time every day. Planning your photoshoots could not be easier!

#3 Singapore’s streets, trains and beaches are (yes, 98%) clean. Free of chewing gums and other disturbing rubbish that crumbles around at the streets and other places.

#4 Singapore has a great selection of local stores which sell film cameras. Among them:

- 8storeytree with its “first toy camera boutique” (according to their website) is run by lovely people that will explain you everything you need to know about film cameras and even stop you if you want to buy wrong accessories (whups..!). Noreen and Jimmy are not only selling cameras but are also local designers.

- Camera Hospital in Singapore is a small shop with a great heart. The guy at Bencoolen Street repairs old film cameras and sells them too. I totally recommend!

#5 In Singapore, different cultures come to live. Since the 53-years old history of Singapore (yah.. yah.. I will not give you a history lesson) immigrants came to Singapore from various places. They are summed-up under the CMIO model: Chinese-Malay-Indian-and-others. The CMIO model is a different discussion, but what I want to say is that once in Singapore you can take the train from one place to another and be in Little India 10 minutes after departing from (a very interesting yet touristy) Chinatown. Definitely a plus for your street photography shoots!

#6 Singapore’s architecture is colourful. This is a very personal point of view, but I prefer my scenery and cityscapes to have strong and loud colors.

#7 For those who are new to Singapore, everything is easy to use since Singapore’s sons and daughters are growing up with social media. Additionally everybody speaks English, even those you don’t understand.

Now go to Singapore and shoot some film!

Lisa Wlaschek is a German photographer who travelled around and worked in Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai and across Europe on photography and art projects. She focusses mostly on film photography and paintings and hosted her first exhibition with photographs and illustrations in Tokyo in 2017.

Alley in Chinatown, Singapore

Colourful houses in Singapore

…and a Singapore x London Layover

© Lisa Wlaschek 2018

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