-that feeling when we hold on to too much-


「From A と أ 」

A story「From A と أ 」is an illustrated collection of Asian writing systems. The comic book contains 12 pages of explanatory illustrations about Devenagari (Hindi), Japanese and Arabic as well as the use of the Roman alphabet in various languages and the differences in numbers. 





The Urban Development of Singapore

Riso prints: A photograph taken in 2015 and an old postcard from 1920 risographed showing the urban development around the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore



Polaroid Poetry

An illustrated scream for help to save some over and underexposed polaroids



The Face of Japan, analog taken photograph, spring 2017

Minding his own business, Hong Kong, analog taken photograph, 2017

Double Exposure, London 2013 x Singapore 2012, taken analog



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