All images are taken with an analog film camera in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kyoto over three months in 2017. The images have only been cropped, therefore are not digitally edited or modified. 

The intention for this project was to create a photography series that is somewhere between documentary, focusing on the modern society and showing how people live in different places, and a personal travel diary. My goal is to create images that are very precise, yet artistic and colourful.

I aim to not display the people's faces. To make an image lively and to create a sense of Zeitgeist it is important to include people in photographs; but the privacy of a person is more important. I always try to use the idea of the view of the person from behind like it is used in paintings. This also increases the imagination and possibility of creating a perception of a persons personality or character.

The photos are a documentation of the impressions of Japan by a foreigner, which is why the title Inside Japan was chosen.

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